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Die Entwicklung eines Impfstoffs ist ein zeitaufwendiger, komplexer Prozess. Aber wie die aktuelle globale Pandemie verdeutlicht, ist Zeit ein entscheidender Faktor. Eine EU-finanzierte Forschungsgruppe hat daher eine Plattform ins Leben gerufen, die Dienstleistungen, Unterstützung, Vernetzung und Schulungen anbietet, um die Impfstoffentwicklung, u. a. gegen COVID-19, zu beschleunigen.


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Ein wirksamer Impfstoff ist das wichtigste Instrument bei der Prävention von Krankheiten. Leider ist die Entwicklung eines Impfstoffs ein zeitaufwendiger und komplexer Prozess – eine Tatsache, die während der COVID-19-Pandemie überaus deutlich geworden ist.

Erfolgreiche Forschung gibt es nicht ohne Zusammenarbeit. Vielmehr sind internationale Kooperation, öffentlich-non-public Partnerschaften

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Machines help humans take control – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Personnel can generally have trouble doing the job with sophisticated equipment in modern day factories. EU-funded scientists have now devised a control interface that can adapt to the encounter and qualities of any operator.

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Even though it was as soon as imagined that the advancement in industrial automation would guide to work opportunities becoming a lot less skilled, generally the reverse is accurate. Fashionable producing programs are so intricate that appreciable ability is required to run them.

‘Even very innovative equipment can’t do the job completely autonomously there is however a robust want for a

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Protein analysis paints clearer pic… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

A check out to your physician could quickly give a a lot a lot more total photograph of your total health and fitness many thanks to new technologies developed by EU-funded scientists. They will empower a quick and precise assessment of proteins from blood or urine samples to be carried out in the clinic.

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The progressive instruments and methods developed in the EU-funded MSMED undertaking are supporting to lay the foundations for a revolution in the clinical software of proteomics, the significant-scale examine of proteins that perform a wide array of essential capabilities in the

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New material enables switch to ener… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Engineers are racing to swap silicon in electronics with a far more responsive and strength-effective alternative. EU-funded scientists have made new devices with likely purposes in communications, World wide web of Points know-how, and even in detecting coronavirus.

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As devices shrink in dimension and grow in complexity, we need to have to find techniques of setting up electronics to meet these needs and use much less strength in performing so.

Not long ago, the strategy of making use of purposeful oxides in nanoelectronic circuits has been expanding. Purposeful oxides can be built to fast change

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