Swarms of smart sensors explore the unknown – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

The maintenance of pipelines is constrained by their inaccessibility. An EU-funded undertaking formulated swarms of compact autonomous remote-sensing brokers that understand as a result of expertise to investigate and map this kind of networks. The technological innovation could be tailored to a huge selection of challenging-to-entry synthetic and natural environments.

Biosensing test to transform diseas… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Mary P. Humphrey

EU-funded scientists have developed an ultrasensitive check to swiftly, properly and price-correctly diagnose ailment, underpinned by progressive biosensing know-how that could assistance battle the COVID-19 pandemic, HIV and cancer.

The EU’s NATURALE CG job is opening new avenues for the early detection of quite a few infectious diseases, as properly as non-communicable disorders, by figuring out their particular molecular signatures. Funded by the European Study Council, the project’s transformative tactic is centered on functional biosensing platform know-how utilizing novel bioengineered nanomaterials.

‘Our ultrasensitive check outperforms the latest gold conventional benchmark by a variable of twenty and has a large dynamic

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