Data Centre Revenue Tops $1B for the First Time on GPU Sales

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“people however saw it as one thing esoteric”

NVIDIA’s info centre income crossed the $one billion mark for the first time this quarter, propelled by an outstanding eighty increase in gross sales to info centre clientele

That was underpinned by a sharp increase in the use of its GPUs to accelerate workloads in hyperscale and large business vertical info centres.

GPUs, or graphics processing units, turbo-cost the processing of applications typically typically just jogging on the CPU, by offloading some of the compute-intense and time consuming portions of the code. The approach is more and more utilised

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Swarms of smart sensors explore the unknown – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

The maintenance of pipelines is constrained by their inaccessibility. An EU-funded undertaking formulated swarms of compact autonomous remote-sensing brokers that understand as a result of expertise to investigate and map this kind of networks. The technological innovation could be tailored to a huge selection of challenging-to-entry synthetic and natural environments.