Simple ways to sell on amazon for free in 2021

How to Sell on Amazon for Free in 2021

Do you want to sell on Amazon free? There are several easy ways to sell on Amazon free in 2021. There are some easy steps to sell on Amazon that you need to follow:

 Let’s check out how to sell on Amazon for free in 2021:

Find the free products 

To selling your items, you need to check out the stuff around your home. You can sell such items on Amazon. 

Create your free account 

Before selling your products, you need to create your individual seller account first and you don’t need to pay anything for that. You just need to give Amazon complete information about your products. 

List your products 

Then comes the next segment where you need to list your product on this platform, yes, you can do it free of cost also. 


If you make your sale on Amazon, you need to ship your product to the users. 

If you are selling on Amazon, there are chances that you can sell it without paying a Dime.  You can start small, but Amazon can overwhelm you with lots of revenue. You can look for a way of how to sell on amazon for free in 2021 by considering two costs only, cost of your product and fees. 

There are two different types of costs you need to think about:

  • Referral fees:

Referral fees are actually the commission of Amazon that can be 15% of your selling price. 

  • If you are not a regular seller, you need to pay a certain fee for every sale. Both of these fees are supposed to pay when you make a sale. If you are starting out just to sell your products on Amazon

 If you are new in this selling process and want to keep the price low, you need to find a few available items for your home. Used products are good to start and you can list quickly these items on Amazon. You can also try to sell your own products or handmade products. You can list them in the handmade product section too. You can create your goods. Before listing your products on this platform. You need to make sure that your products will sell actually. Amazon comes with the feature “tell the future”. You will find the best seller rank here. Every product has the best seller rank and each category has the same category. If you are listing and selling your products, this step is very much important. You will find this feature on the product listing page of your description section. If the rank is low, you will have a great chance to sell it. With new features introduced in 2021, there are so many chances for you to sell your product free on Amazon. The method is immensely easy and you can go step by step to follow this process. If you are registered with Amazon, you are eligible to sell free of cost or by paying a very little amount on Amazon.