Rental Car Insurance and Traffic Requirements in Sweden 2021

Renting a car as compared to buying a new one, can be cost-efficient especially when moving to a different country. 

This article outlines all the insurance and traffic requirements when driving a rental car in Sweden.

Insurance requirements 

What are the reasons why people prefer to rent cars is to avoid to the cost of taking insurance which is often expensive on top of buying a car.

However, it is not always guaranteed that a rental car company takes full comprehensive insurance covers for their rental cars.

Rental car companies more often than not take minimal insurance covers in their cars and renters have to go their way and purchase extra coverage is.

The Swedish government regulations on car insurance stipulate that every car must have at least third-party insurance coverage.

All cars in Sweden must be insured from the day they are purchased and for rental car companies, they will take only the necessary cover stipulated by law.

The insurance premium for rental cars will vary depending on the coverage will be getting and the duration of time for the rental. 

Some suggestive coverages to be on the lookout for in your temporary rental car insurance include;

  • Third-party liability insurance (Mandatory)
  • Damage – Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waiver 
  • Personal injuries cover 
  • Theft

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General requirements for rental car insurance

To acquire a budget rental car insurance you will need to have the following; 

  • A validly registered vehicle from your rental car provider
  • A driver’s license 

The driver’s license should be preferably domestic granted, however, there are options for EEA citizens to produce their validly registered driver’s license granted in their country. 

A driving license from the United Kingdom, the Faroe Islands, Switzerland, or Japan can be exchanged for a Swedish one.

Rental cost 

The cost of renting a car in Sweden will vary depending on the rental car insurance policies.

The price range may be anywhere between 130 Swedish kronor to 430 Swedish kronor. 

Renting a car in a city like Stockholm is more expensive than renting the same car in smaller towns and cities.

The final determinant of the cost may also be on the amount of insurance cover coming with the car. rental cars with more coverage tend to cost a lot more than rental cars with basic coverages.

The type of car also plays a role in determining how much the rental cost is going to be. flashy and extravagant cars cost a lot more than normal economic cars.

A larger capacity car will also cost more than regular 5 seater vehicles.

When budgeting the cost of a rental car also budget in gas money which currently Ranges from between 16.30 Swedish krona to 16.59 Swedish Krona. 

Traffic and regulations 

Any rental car driver ought to know all the traffic regulations placed in the country before attempting to drive in the country. 

Here is a short compiled list of some of the most important regulations you should know;

  • Drive on the right 
  • Have proper documentation 
  • Insurance requirements 
  • Use headlights even during daylight
  • Parking regulations 
  • Have snow shovel and triangle 
  • Comply with the speed limit –  

The maximum speed limit in the country for a regular passenger vehicle is 120 km per hour. The speed limit for heavy vehicles is often raised from 50 km per hour to 80 km per hour.

The speed limit also varies depending on the type of road, ( highways for Open Roads) and the location (cities or small towns)

It is a good practice for all rental car providers to brief their customers on the traffic regulations before renting the cars out. Attempt to gather all the necessary information about driving in the country before setting out on a drive.


Renting a car is the perfect option for a person who is in the country for a tour or a short period. It is also the best option for an occasional traveler.

Students and people who intend to stay in Sweden for a long time should consider other transportation options like the metro in Stockholm, trains, bicycles and motorcycles, bus or cab transportation.