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See what others are saying about Best Buy returns, refunds and exchanges.They were basically processing the refund for the first item I NEVER received instead of the second one shipped out that I did indeed receive.Best Buy began selling the Apple Watch on Friday, becoming the first national retailer besides Apple to carry the wearable tech gadget.The Customer service guy issued a credit only for the monitor because we realized at that moment that we could use the mouse and the key board with the new All in One that we were going to buy from Best Buy.During the Black Friday holiday shopping event in the United States, Best Buy offered one of the best deals on the Apple Watch, discounting the.Return policy and help with returning things has always been a plus for me.Go home and open your big items if you are giving them as gifts because you might end up with a broken item for Christmas.The environment at Best Buy is very toxic and many employees are very unhappy.I did not like the product upon receipt of it and attempted to return in store the following day.

If you would be interested, I would be willing to trade products with you.They are worthless and I can see why they are closing stores.I just went to best buy to return an Apple TV because the Apple rep at.The Bluetooth stopped connecting.I also have an warranty to.wondering if I could return it.These are all reasons why I buy just about everything bb sells at COSTCO.It is YOUR responsibility to find out the return policy before you purchase from a retailer.My husband asked her why, as we had purchased the broken TV from them, the receipt states a 30 day return policy for elite members and nowhere in the receipt does it state a 3 day policy for damaged product.

I was telling them that this was not my request, i asked him to give me the refund in gc.Not only was I given a hassle free return, I was even refunded the cost of the screen protector even though it is not use able again.

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Shop at Best Buy for the new Apple Watch models available to buy.Best Buy will be the first retailer to stock the. methods and we are looking to exchange.All I did was waste 2 hours and gas to drive to Best Buy and purchase a defective unit and waste 2 hours and gas driving back to Best Buy trying to return it.It was an opened item and it Looked extremely clean and everything was still packaged neatly. I.

We have been loyal customers of BesttBuy, and very disappointed at their stupid return policy and now blamed for another scratch.I just went to best buy to return an Apple TV because the Apple rep at their store told me that we could replace our cable TV with it.

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Reported problem to Best Buy and asked for an in-store exchange.One month after Apple Inc. started selling Apple Watch at its own stores, the company said it will bring the device to Best Buy stores in August.I was naive so I tried to call the number but no one answered.Stored microwave in my living room in the unopened original box.

The Apple Watch will be available at stores of Best Buy, the largest U.S. consumer electronics chain, starting Aug. 7.In late July, Best Buy announced plans to begin Apple Watch sales online and in its retail stores beginning on August 7, and as promised, Apple Watch.This unopened boxed set will sit on my fireplace mantel to remind me NEVER to shop at Best Buy again.But that idiot cashier, did mistake (he must be not fully trained of the system) and even after he tried to get the refund in GC, he completed the transaction to bank. then after that, he called the manager to post void the return transaction.An order should always include the invoice and return shipping information, so I do not have to waste time on hold waqitingn to talk to someone.Starting today, Best Buy customers can use Apple Pay to make purchases in the Best Buy app when using an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

I did file a dispute bu the moral of the story is do not buy online for BB.So hence, they are now legally allowed to STEAL FROM YOU.Article Below for more info.On Aug. 7, Best Buy will become the first national retailer to stock the much-hyped watch.

I will not be shopping there until they change that ridiculous policy.

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According to Maryland law, returns policy must be posted or the retailer must take back the merchandise.I have never seen a company so eager to take CASH from its customers and then refuse to give cash back with a valid return within the return policy time frame with a receipt that shows it was paid for in cash.When I received it I promptly turned it in to UPS to be shipped back for my refund.

And why tell me to go to the parking lot open it and then trade it in.I did not have the receipt but knew the person paid 199.00 for it.the one I bought was 250.We advised this person that their check out girl SELLING the warranties flat out told us the warranty covers EVERYTHING.They are by far the most greedy and desperate company that exists.

I think they should post their policy or tell you at the register.Best Buy had its Black Friday summer sale as well as a disappointing quarter.A solid e-mail app is essential for Apple Watch users. Exchange, Office 365, and.

I will stay a loyal customer of GE but will have nothing more to do with Best Buy.The electronics giant will begin selling the smartwatch on August 7.

I always filter these reviews because of the entitlement that is implied by anyone who was refused.But when i went there they didnt exchange it and said its open and since u have no recipt they cant exchange and in there website there is nothing as opened ptoduct cannot be exchange.I am frequent customer and just bought s7 edge cash there few days earlier. 835.00. Showed him my broken honor 8 (400) and s7 edge (850) that I broke and bought from them.Went to Best Buy on September 21 which was 18 days after i purchased a HP Pavilion Quad-Core on September 3,2015.I was just livid when I was informed I would be given store credit only.Ordered graphics card and hdmi to dvi cable, both part of the same order.Beware they will give u a 3 return limit on any item and then tell u to call a number to get the limit lifted but its a total false process.He said you could go outside in the parking lot, open it and bring it back in for a trade in at a trade in price.

After holding the phone line for 2 hours each time, I gave up trying to call their corporate number.They received the item 2 weeks ago and I have yet to receive my refund that should have been issued within 3 to 5 business days.FORTUNE may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.Not sure the phone might ship somewhere etc. (5) After several attemps and talked.

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Apple is planning to offer customers an opportunity to exchange only their Apple Watch bands rather. they let us buy the.