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The mechanism includes an apertured rotatable coin wheel which detects the value of a coin by its diameter and compared the count with stored information in the coin electronics, the latter having an elapsed time relative counter.When locked, the lock face 265 is in the lock pocket 270 and the forward face 265a bears against face 270a of the lock pocket 270 whereby the coin finger is prevented from rotating counterclockwise around pivot 257.Independent payout mechanism Even if a coin gets stuck in one place, the payout can be made from an alternative tube.

However, the Bellatrix system is limited to coins of specified denominations, such as nickels, dimes and quarters.Coin counter and voucher dispensing machine and method US6758316 May 7, 2003 Jul 6, 2004 Coinstar, Inc.Due to the variety of information which may be collected, the computer is able to generate a variety of reports.In some cases machines will accept nickles, dime and quarters and provide change in those denominations.This transfer of return energy from the wheel 70 to the bounce plate 112, effectively a shock absorbing action, effectively prevents the coin wheel from bouncing.In extensive experimental field tests under actual operating and environmental conditions, it was noted that the coin wheel was subject to less than perfect performance.However, street sales are a significant part of the revenue of newspaper sales.The actual time of sales is calculated from the information recorded by the reader which records the time of service, the time interval, which are used by the computer to calculate actual time.

The escrow return finger 250 rotates about axis 257 and includes a tang 300 received in an aperture 302 in the bottom section 305 of the latch stop 285.In some instances, coin operated machines are electrically powered by a standard 110 volt power source, e.g., soda pop vending machines which also require refrigeration cooling, laundry washing and drying machines, and convenience vending machines for candy and other miscellaneous items.In the case of a dispensed article, such as a newspaper, the purchaser may open the door 23 by the handle 24 to remove one paper, the papers being stored in the lower portion of the machine on a spring loaded platform, as is well known in the art.The electronic mechanism is powered by lithium thionyl chloride batteries which are classified by the Department of Transportation as hazardous materials.Thus, in the normal biased position of plate 40, the coin wheel assembly is positioned between plates 40 and 32, the latter forming a coin chute.I think I killed my coin mech, wired it up, and found my psu was sending 25v down the yellow wire.

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Additionally, the systems described use a real time clock which takes more electrical power and adds to circuit complexity than the system of the present invention.The effect is that shocks will not produce a pulse count equal to the value of a coin.Also available of internet kiosks and wide range of applications.Base price includes electronic coin mechanisms, 60 x 22 mm LCD electronic display, 8 dispensers.This sequence completes the communications sequence with the reader.

TOKETTES are SINGLE USE, breakable plastic tokens that remove some of the risk of having cash in machines located in unsupervised, high risk areas.Changes in price are controlled by an external wand and are limited to minimum increments of 5 cents.

In basic operation, either both doors are closed, or one or the other, but not both are open.Since each door is of the same structure, only that of 150 will be described.The result is that a very short series of discrete and countable light bursts reach the photocell from the LED, in accordance with the number of apertures which are open for light transmission.

That action is a null action for coin determination and summing purposes.A second series of events also takes place as the door is pulled to the open position.As the user tries to access the product being dispensed or use the service available, either the correct minimum amount of coins is permitted to drop into the machine bank or, in the alternative, directed to a coin return chute.The escrow unit 60 illustrated in FIG. 2 is one such unit and is patterned after that used in pay telephones, except that the control members of the escrow unit in accordance with this invention are materially different, as will be described.Complete Kits are available for putting new commercial equipment into service.As illustrated, current American coins of the various values are illustrated, i.e., a dime 80, a penny 81, a nickel 82, a quarter 83, a dollar 84 (Susan B.Ok. does anyone have the manual or access to the manual for a MMS ( mars ) coin mech model MS1000 - 6 coin validator. and change hopper, model 1500 ( series ).Typically, each reader has a user identification code which must be inputted by the user to permit use of the reader.

Unlike other designs, there is only one clock and one clock frequency, and there is no need to switch clock frequencies for different functions.It fits where any other coin chute would, and avoids the necessity of double stroking the machine.One or more coil springs having finger extensions, not shown, is mounted on the pin 42 and one finger of the spring bears against the side of the plate and the other finger is placed in the spring finger 46 to bias the plate 40 and the components carried by the plate towards the support structure 32.

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That, however, requires that the value of deposited coinage be identified accurately and stored in conventional change or coin return bins.The weight of the coin causes the wheel to rotate and, as the wheel rotates, the coin wheel magnet triggers S1 which latches the output of U3 pin 8, the latter connected to the interrupt line (IRQ) of the micro-computer U, pin 2.The door opening button 190 includes spaced side arms 190a and 190b, with a guide button 190c therebetween, the latter including tapered faces 190d and 190e.In the stand-by condition, all the fingers are in an upward position to close both the bank door and the coin return door of the escrow.Shoulders 76 and 78 form an acute angle effectively to amplify the diameter difference of coins.U5 is a Hex Schmitt Trigger Inverter used to provide the proper phase signal to circuit components.The circuit illustrated, along with the proper packaging, also illustrated, meets all of these criteria.

These counters are reset by the reader which records the absolute time of reset, and thus the reference time.In most instances, vending of the product or enabling use of the device requires that a correct combination of coins of a given value be deposited.FIG. 7 is an enlarged view of an anti-bounce unit 110 used with the coin wheel 70 to inhibit the effects of bouncing of the coin wheel as it rotates back to the start position.

Located within the coin detector housing, as already described, is a magnet on one side of the coin wheel.It is apparent that for coin dimensions other than those described, for example, foreign coins other than Canadian coins, a different number of pulses may be needed.Therefore Vdd was selected in the range of 3.2 to 3.5 volts. This was achieved by using U6 which converts VBAT to this level of Vdd.Buy Amatek Kai-638 Comparable CPU Roll Down Coin Selector Validator Collector Device Coin Mech Acceptor Coin Selector.The reader can be programmed to read only those machines whose identification is programmed into the reader, for example machines on a defined route.It can also check the battery status and provide information as to the current prices set for that machine as well as whether the slug feature is enabled.Wholesale vending coin mechanism from China vending coin mechanism Wholesalers Directory.In this way, when the primary battery is removed, sales of papers or other items and optical communication is disabled, but all previous information and status (including sales price) is maintained via B2.